How long have you been an artist? I've been drawing since I could hold a crayon. My parents nurtured and supported my talent, and still do. I graduated from UAF in 2008 with a BFA in painting and drawing, and spent years trying to forget everything school taught me. 

Are you related to [insert name] Reagan? No. Reagan is my middle name since birth.

Where do you get your ideas? Everywhere. I am constantly invaded with images, and I often indulge my mind to cultivate these various thoughts and ideas into something unique but vaguely familiar. I have to sketch out my thoughts or write ideas down in order to make room for more. I "collect" these thoughts and ideas and then fit them together like puzzle pieces.

Who is your favorite artist? That's like asking me my favorite color (right now, it's a golden-pea-green). But, Gris Grimly has always been at the top of my list. Greg "Craola" Simkins is up there. Jeremy Bastian. Audrey Kawasaki. Kiel Johnson. Erika Sanada. Marc Scheff. Stella Im Hultberg. Graeme Base. Dan Santant. 


I can't find the print I want in your store. Do you still have it? All my prints are limited editions, so I may be sold out. I am happy to order you a custom print, however! Please email me with the name or description of the piece you're interested in and I'll provide some quotes on various size options.


Do you accept commissions? Yes, and no. Because I am still holding a full time adult job, and raising small humans, my time is very limited. As such, I am very selective on the custom projects I accept. Feel free to email me with your inquiry and idea, and I can provide rates and notify you if I can accept your project. These days my wait list is 6+ months. Please note that I do not accept projects of landscapes, personal portraits, pet portraits, custom tattoos, or "paintings from a picture."

Can you design my tattoo? Regretfully, I no longer accept tattoo commissions. 

Can I get your artwork tattooed? Do it! This honestly is the highest compliment you can give an artist! Send me pictures and tag me on anything social.

My business does First Friday - would you like to be a featured artist? Possibly! If it's next month, no. I try to book my shows at least 8 months in advance to give me ample time to create a new body of work, or collect a cohesive body of work. I book one solo show every year or every other year, but can include a piece or two into group shows.

Anything else? Coffee & cussing are my only two vices.