Life in Mixed Media 

My purpose as an artist is to develop and cultivate ideas into creative, authentic and meaningful works of art. I indulge my mind to make connections between ideas, and to tell a story through the marks I make with paint, ink, and colored pencils. 


Life is mixed media. I strive to make beauty out of the chaos.

About Brianna

I was born in 1986, and spent a handful of years in and around the Bay Area of California. My family moved to Alaska when I turned ten, where I currently live and work.


As a Cancer sign, my love for the sea comes naturally. My curiosity was also nurtured, with weekend tide-pooling trips back in the CA days with my family. Over time, the rough beauty of Alaska seeped into my work and I embraced it on my own terms – painting bones instead of birch trees, and creating weirdness out of the wilderness. I'm still inspired by all things oceanic, and embrace the moments I get to rejuvenate my artistic soul and get my toes in the water.


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