SAMPLE Mood Board

Our next step is the mood board. And I'm asking you to create it.


By asking you to create a mood board, you continue to be invested and involved in the process. It also creates a more accurate vision board of your aesthetic and what you envision for your logo.


I used to do this step for my clients (my sample below), but about 80% of it usually "wasn't right," so it was never fully accurate for the project. By creating the mood board yourself, you will set a clear vision and path for the final outcome.

While the sample below is extensive, I would like you to collect 20-30 items that inspire you -- from other business logos to packaging and color palettes.


  • If you are on Pinterest, create a new board and share that with me. I'm at

  • Collect images and email them to me

  • Create your own board in PowerPoint or Keynote, export as a PDF and email that to me. The sample below was made in Keynote.

  • Create a Google Drive folder, add your items and share the folder with me.

Mood Board WOVEN.001.jpeg