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Aurora Chaser / 5x7 Wood Print

Aurora Chaser / 5x7 Wood Print


This real wood art card features Brianna Reagan's original painting, "Aurora Chaser," printed on real maple wood 2-ply veneer. Yes, you read that right, this is 100% natural wood.


With veneer shaved as thin as tissue paper, one log will produce thousands of wood products. Added bonus, no backing board or mat board required! 

  • Print Specs + Care

    5x7 inch real maple wood veneer, 2 ply. Made in America.


    This product is 100% real wood and will be affected by temperature and humidity. Keep the piece wrapped in an airtight container or baggy, if storing materials for a long amount of time.


    As 100% natural wood, should this piece ever be discarded, now or in the future, it will biodegrade.

  • Sustainable Creativity

    As my business grows, I’m noticing all of the materials that ends up thrown away, particularly with the packaging, printing and shipping aspects. Disappointed with having such a large footprint of waste, I’ve started to be conscientious with what I’m producing and what I want my art to represent. 


    This real wood art card is one of the first steps of many efforts, to move toward more sustainable products, and decrease the impact my art has on the environment.

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