The Fiber Collection - Set of 4 Prints

The Fiber Collection - Set of 4 Prints


A handpicked collection of fine art prints, this set features four (4) prints curated around a fiber and textile theme. Coordinated and complimentary, your friends will think you hired a professional.


This set can be hung together salon-style if you have a large open wall, or display them individually throughout your entire domain. Great for the home or office, or even for stocking up on giftable art.

  • About the Prints //

    These giclee reproductions are printed on UltraSmooth fine art paper; 100% cotton rag / acid-free / archival.


    Limited edition denotes reproductions that are printed in limited quantities, and are signed and numbered to reflect such. All other prints are open edition, not limited by a quantity. My editions are limited to 25 copies only, and feature higher prices than open edition prints. 


    Prints are not framed. Where possible, prints are made to standard frame sizes for easy and economical framing. An (*) indicates a non-standard size.

  • This Collection //

    Heritage - 12x12 inches (Limited edition)


    Knit/Purl - 8x8 inches


    Embellished - 8x8 inches


    Leaves & Needles - 18x18 inches