Journal / Thirteen Fit Apparel Collab

Journal / Thirteen Fit Apparel Collab

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BRIANNA REAGAN for THIRTEEN FIT APPAREL Journal ::: The rhinoceros is a powerful animal, representing stability and physical strength. He is all about taking charge of your life. 


Artwork by Brianna Reagan, the cover of this journal features the @ThirteenFitApparel rhino with kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold. By embracing the damage, he is resilient AF. And so are you. We all have unique journeys. This notebook, hand embellished with gold, will empower you explore your ultimate self. So, what’s your story? 

  • Specs

    • 48-page (24-sheets), lined, blank, graph or dot-grid paper
    • Lined paper measures 1/4" line spacing (narrow ruled)
    • Page Size: 5" W x 8" L
    • Perforated pages
    • Perfect bound binding method
    • Paper Materials: 100% recycled paper with 30% post-consumer recycled fibers
    • Cover Materials: 18-point bending chipboard made from 85% post-consumer and 15% post-industrial recycled materials