Synthesis V / 8x8 Giclee Print

Synthesis V / 8x8 Giclee Print


Limited edition giclee print of Brianna Reagan's original painting, "Synthesis V."

This print features a crying lynx with a geode mouth.

  • Print Specs

    Print measures approximately 8x8 inches including 1/2-inch white border on all sides. Signed & numbered by Brianna Reagan. 

    Limited edition of 25. Printed on Archival Matte fine art paper; 100% cotton / acid-free / archival.

  • Nature.

    This piece had been part of "Nature," a collection of works that were an exploration of trusting my inward calling, of my creative process guiding me to do certain things without question. 


    My works are intended to entice the viewer to experience my creative journey and my playfulness with the relationships between the objects/ characters depicted; to see the delicate details beyond a fiercely strong subject; to do a double take when they notice the twist in reality that my art demands; to notice the invisible thread often connecting the works, where one piece becomes the impetus for the next.