Wood AK Grown Sticker

Wood AK Grown Sticker


What *wood* you do to grab one of these wood stickers?! 


Be the envy of all your friends with this fresh new real wood sticker. This sticker is engraved maple wood veneer, featuring the original "Grown in Alaska" wood grain graphic. 

  • About //

    These custom wood stickers were made in the USA. Great for solid, hard surfaces, like water bottles, phones, computers, car windows, etc. They will bend along the grain (side to side). Avoid bending them against the grain (top to bottom). 

  • More About //

    These stickers are made from FSC Certified sustainable real maple wood veneer. Made with a strong adhesive, allowing them to be weather resistant and dishwasher safe (top rack only). As a natural product, they are biodegradable, and will break down over time (a long time, if handled correctly). 

  • Even More About //

    The wood sticker may curl a little prior to sticking them. This is completely normal since it's a real wood product. Don't worry – the adhesive is very strong and the sticker will stay flat once applied.