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Think Deep // Gold Embellished

Think Deep // Gold Embellished


Dive in for this hand embellished Think Deep giclee print. Each print is hand painted with gold leaf paint. The diver's vintage helmet and various buckles are accented with the elegance of gold.


Print measures 12 x 12 inches on ultrasmooth paper.


Limited edition of 34. Signed and numbered.

  • About Think Deep

    Think Deep was drawn in remembrance for my biological father, and created for my older brother. My biological dad was a deep sea diver in the navy. He died when I was three years old, but I believe my love for all things ocean comes from him. We had a tee shirt of his, featuring a diver wearing a vintage diving suit in the iconic “Thinker” pose. This illustration is my rendition of that memory, in the memory of him, and for my older brother who remembers him most.

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