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April 2024, Well Street Art Co, Fairbanks Alaska

May 2024, Roaming Root, Fairbanks, Alaska


October 2022, Eunoia. Venue, Fairbanks, Alaska

May 2021, Nature. Sevigny Studio, Anchorage, Alaska

September 2020, SOLE. 2 Street Gallery, Fairbanks, Alaska

November 2019, Feast + Famine, Bear Gallery, Fairbanks, Alaska

October 2017, Curiosities, Alaska House, Fairbanks, Alaska

February 2017, Print Show, Alaska Robotics, Juneau, Alaska
October 2016 - Pretty/Strange, Venue, Fairbanks, Alaska
March/April 2016 – Ingrained, Alaska House, Fairbanks, Alaska
November 2015 Print Show, Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce
June 2013 Tigerwith, Gulliver's Books, Fairbanks, Alaska
November 2012 In Keeping Secrets, S Salon & Studio, Fairbanks, Alaska
September 2012 Word., Well Street Art Co, Fairbanks Alaska
October 2011 Fade to Black, Chartreuse, Fairbanks, Alaska
September 2011 Outside the Lines, S Salon & Studio, Fairbanks, Alaska
October 2010 Smoke & Mirrors, Chartreuse, Fairbanks, Alaska
June 2010 In the Tangle, S Salon & Studio, Fairbanks, Alaska
February 2010 Metropolis, revisited, Chartreuse, Fairbanks, Alaska
November 2009 Metropolis, Urban Greens, Anchorage, Alaska



February 2021, HEELED, A WESTERN BALLAD, H Gallery, Ventura, California

June 2019, Birds on the Edge, International Gallery of Contemporary Art, Anchorage, Alaska

March 2019, Art the North: an exhibition of new works, TRAX, Fairbanks, Alaska

October 2018, Limited Edition, Open Exhibition, Bear Gallery, Fairbanks, Alaska

September 2018, 64th Parallel Juried Show, Bear Gallery, Fairbanks, Alaska

March 2018, One2Tree, Trax, Fairbanks, Alaska

October 2017, Mini Show, Ghost Gallery, Seattle, Washington

March 2017, Aurora Exhibit, Alaska House, Fairbanks, Alaska

June 2016, Cartoon North group show, Bear Gallery, Fairbanks, Alaska
October 2015 Illustration Display for "The Clockwork Queen," Gulliver's Books
October 31, 2015 INKtober Illustrations, Venue, Fairbanks, Alaska
May 2013 First Friday Group Show, ACNM, Fairbanks, Alaska
November2011 Museum of the North Art Expo, Fairbanks, Alaska
November 2008 Denali Center First Friday, Fairbanks, Alaska
2007 Cartoon North, Annex Gallery, Ester, Alaska



2021 - Fox, Just the Tips + Wellness Cafe

2021 - Private, Katherine Hilpert

2021 - Mermaid, Robert Miller

2021 - Commemorative Design, GVEA

2021- Workbook Coloring Book, Doyon, Inc

2020 - Gaget Video Game, Gage Tilly

2018 - Mt. McKinley Bank, Delta Branch, Patty Mongold

2018 - Tusk, HooDoo Brewing Company

2018 - Our2Cents, Grace Wilson

2017 - Private, Kerry Wappett

2017 - Private, Olivia Dowling

2017 - Private, Annie Smith

2017 - Tusk, HooDoo Brewing Company

2016 - Against the Grain, Central Peninsula Hospital

2016 - OMT diagrams, AFDMA, Dr. Todd Capistrant

2016 - Robinson & Ward CPA, Paul Robinson

2016 - Little Owl Cafe, Sarah Posma

2015 - Tusk, HooDoo Brewing Company

2015 - Oktoberfest, HooDoo Brewing Company

2015 - Coloring Book, TCC

2015 - Album cover, Lisa Dowling

2015 - Maibock,HooDoo Brewing Company

2014 - Oktoberfest, HooDoo Brewing Company

2014 - Private, Paul Robinson


2021 – “Knives Out", Tommy G's Butcher Shop

2021 - "Primal", Tommy G's Butcher Shop
2012 - “The Alaskan Quangle Wangle”, Carol H Brice Family Center
2011 - TVC Pediatrics Mural, Tanana Valley Clinic, Fairbanks, Alaska
2010 – “Peacock” Mural, Chartreuse, Fairbanks, Alaska


2019 - Rhino Journal, Thirteen Fit Apparel, Paige Festa

2014-Current – “The Clockwork Queen of Oz” webcomic, pen & ink illustrations, Alex Bates (writer), Fairbanks, Alaska


2015 Artist of the Year, Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce


2004-2008 University of Alaska Fairbanks Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in Painting, minor in Drawing

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