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The Elements Collection

Brianna Reagan


Liberty Bottleworks

This new collection is my artistic take on the five earthly elements; earth, wind, fire, water, and space, representing an undeniable love and respect for Mother Nature. Detailed as the art you’ve come to know and love, each of these new bottles feature ideas or aspects from my existing art, making them even more familiar. 
These new bottles of our elements are intended to convey a purpose of loving our planet, and perpetuate the health and protection of our natural resources.

The Liberty Originals line of single wall aluminum bottles are made 100% start-to-finish in the USA.  The equipment it is produced on is 100% American made as well; all the components such as aluminum, powder coating, ink, caps and seals are Made in America.

The insulated stainless steel bottle is imported from their sister company in China. The facility is highly regulated for human rights and labor issues and the reports are outstanding in every manner and are conducted by a 3rd party reporting agency. The stainless steel bottles are then printed and finished in America, at the Union Gap, WA facility.

My Why.

Scientists estimate that there is over 269,000 tons of plastic floating on the ocean's surface – that equals nearly six hundred million pounds of micro and macro plastic trash.

This is not okay. 


Let’s minimize our environmental footprints by pledging to minimize our use of single-use plastics. 

  • Step one: invest in an American-made, sustainable water bottle (like Liberty!) Recyclable and BPA-free. 

  • Step two: embrace creativity and your own self-expression! Liberty has so many bottle designs (not just mine!), so you are free to be you.

  • Step three: inspire change through art and sustainability. Your new Liberty water bottle validates your love of protecting the planet. Plus, a portion of what I earn through the sale of my water bottle designs will be donated to cleaning up the oceans. 

I am honored and humbled that my art can finally have a purpose. I would love your help in sharing this purpose, whether that’s purchasing a bottle for yourself or as a gift, engaging on social media, or sharing this newsletter with others. 


I engage in affiliate marketing whereby I receive funds through clicks to my affiliate program through this website, and receive funds through the sale of goods or services through this website. This disclosure is intended to comply with the US Federal Trade Commission Rules on marketing and advertising, as well as any other legal requirements which may apply.



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