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I create awesome visuals that stand out, helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Latest Projects

Cannabis-Kitchen_Full Logo_edited.png
Farmer's Daughter
Cannabis Kitchen

A maker of delicious, regional edibles with unique flavors, this logo conveys country comfort with a vintage vibe, and connects the new business to the prohibition-era history of the family farm.

Kintsugi Counseling.png
Kintsugi Counseling

A licensed counseling practice focused on helping others find the beauty within their mental health hardships. A stylized K is paired with a geometric mountain to represent Alaska, which is also highlighting the kintsugi art of filling cracks with gold, of taking something broken and making it beautiful.


A logo for a creative maker that forages and gathers natural found objects, conveying the love for the outdoors and embracing nature.

Drunken Sailor Farm

the company name is also a nod to a deeply personal family memory.

The Cabin_triangle-logo-color.png
The Cabin

A warm, welcoming and inviting logo to represent a cozy bar and lounge focused on great customer service and exceptional experience with an easy-going personality.

Sentinel Coffee & Tea

A complete rebrand for a coffee roasting company named after the local lighthouse. Based in Juneau, Alaska, this company operates entirely on hydropower, sources 100% organic coffee beans and local ingredients for teas, and uses certified compostable/ recyclable packaging.

A born and bred artist, the visual solutions I create are infused with artistic creativity. 

Artist turned brand designer, my fine art and illustration background allows me to create unique and memorable brand experiences for people who care about making a great visual impact. 

Embracing the artist, and channeling my artistic foundation, I design logos and everything around it, from packaging and merchandise illustration, to murals and fine art to elevate any environment.

Bronco hood-octo.png


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