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Boreal Woods Mushroom Farm

A local mushroom farmer needed a logo to increase awareness in the community and expand their services and products.


Custom Logo

Brand Style Guide


Exploration + Process

The logo needed to:

  • represent the uniqueness of interior Alaska.

  • convey locally grown products and adventurous flavors.

  • inspire a desire to learn about mushrooms, cooking, and growing.

  • develop brand awareness and brand loyalty to products and services. 

  • convey professionalism and knowledge.

  • avoid psychedelic or funky motifs.

  • be versatile to work effectively on packaging goods, signs and banners, business cards, promotional items, garments, vehicles, and social media and online


New Logo

The new logo is clever, versatile, and professional. Through custom artwork, the logo relates to the local landscape while simultaneously inspiring a healthy meal. Variations allow the logo to be responsive and used in a various applications, and ultimately build a solid brand.

PaperTray copy.jpg
sack copy_edited.png
recipecard copy.jpg
BWMF-logo-paper bag.png

Color + Type

The brand colors embrace the earthy undertones of the forest, and instill a sense of that umami flavor that mushrooms bring to the palate.


The display typography has a throwback pioneer vibe, which complements the feminine notes of the other type. These are paired with a clean, legible sans serif typeface, creating an approachable brand type kit. Together, these help the logo feel timeless.

Screen Shot 2023-07-24 at 8.40.07 PM.png
Alice font.png

The Outcome

The owners are confident in using, sharing and promoting their brand. Their biggest win has been being able to move forward with new products that appeal to both tourists and locals -- something they've been wanting to do for a really long time.

"Our experience working with Brianna FAR exceeded our expectations, which were already high to begin with! We went into this with a very vague idea of what we wanted and Brianna brought our very blurry vision to life so beautifully. I actually gasped while scrolling through the logo presentation when I saw "the one." Brianna was incredibly professional, thoughtful and enthusiastic throughout the entire process and we couldn't have asked for a better person to help take our business to the next level."

Matt Mears & Abby Hatfield

Owners, Boreal Woods Mushroom Farm

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