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Image by Zetong Li
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Specializing in natural history expeditions in Interior and arctic Alaska, Adventure Borealis has a keen focus on inspiring deep connections to Interior and Arctic Alaska’s public lands through experiential natural history programs for all people — regardless of identity, age, ability or socio-economic status. 


Custom Logo

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With a deep background in ecology and natural history, we needed the logo to be a little but natural and rustic. We also wanted a connection to the fragile arctic and subarctic ecosystems, which is represented in the black spruce motif.

As they offer experiential natural history programs for all people — regardless of identity, age, ability or socio-economic status – we also discussed the logo needing to be approachable and accessible.

Adventure Borealis_gradient.png
Adventure Borealis_gradient-block.png
Adventure Borealis Sketches 2.png
Adventure Borealis_badge.png
Adventure Borealis_compass dk green.png
Adventure Borealis_badge green.png
Adventure Borealis_compass frost.png
Adventure Borealis_badge gradient.png
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The brand colors revolve around the deep greens of the black spruce, while also embracing the serene colors of a winter sunrise. 


The display typography is adventurous and approachable, with a casual vibe. Paired with LiebeRuth, we get a hint of academia and authentic trust.

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Needing to get their business off the ground and into the hands of consumers, we created custom business cards and a brochure to feature their services. Using Canva, I was able to develop these together with the client.

biz cards Mock.jpg
"Brianna was timely, responsive, professional and creative. We love the branding work she did for us and can't wait to keep building our identity in partnership with her."

Ryan Arash Marsh

Director, Head Guide, Adventure Borealis

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