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Aurora Audiology

A hearing healthcare doctor opened a private practice and needed to establish the clinic as a trustworthy, caring, and comfortable choice. The logo needed to act as a vessel to educate the community on the importance of hearing health and the connection to cognitive decline.


Custom Logo

Visual Identity

Social Assets

Printed Materials

Advertisement Creation

Wall Art


Logo Process

Through our discovery session, we prioritized the challenges of incorporating the northern lights, rugged mountains, and of course the element of hearing. 

The concept chosen features a stylized aurora as sound bars, composed in a triangular shape for a mountain.

AA Biz Cards.jpg

Color + Type

The brand colors reflect the bold jewel tones of the northern lights. The typography is classic and easy to read, selected to imbue trust with the target audience. 

AA Type-brandon.png


Custom icons were created to help convey messaging and make a bigger impact. 

Screen Shot 2022-10-21 at 1.20.57 PM.png

Social Assets

To help establish the clinic's digital identity, I created a handful of branded overlay graphics to facilitate consistency in imagery. 


While the owner operates the social media platforms and uses the overlays as needed, I continue to support the digital identity by creating a majority of the themed graphics on a monthly basis. 

Graphic Design

To establish the clinic as a trustworthy and comfortable space, I created all the patient forms, signage and advertisements.

To reach the target market, the owner places frequent advertisements in the newspapers and inserts, as well as a few other key locations. I create the ads, working directly with the owner for review and approval, and submit directly to the newspaper contact.


Wall Art

The most recent project for Aurora Audiology, I designed, constructed, and painted a large scale hanging wall piece for the clinic's waiting room lobby. The art is inviting, helping to create a friendly atmosphere and one-of-a-kind experience for every patient.

"The creative process was clear, efficient and comprehensive. I could tell Brianna was completely dedicated to understanding my concept and business goals in designing an incredible logo."

Lily Hughes, AuD

Owner, Aurora Audiology

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