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ABR, Inc.

With a 45+ year history, and the logo being mostly untouched for a majority if that time, the decision makers wanted to update their brand while maintaining the established reputation and familiarity of the existing ABR, Inc brand.


Custom Logo

Brand Style Guide

Logo Legacy

ABR, Inc is a multidiscipline environmental consultant group working with private and public sector clients to provide accurate, science-based data for making sound decisions on development. They are part of the solution to the challenges of development. 


As local Alaskans with unmatched expertise, they are the boots on the ground and the people in the field, in hip waders and up the streams. 

The legacy of the ABR, Inc brand has focused on the figure of a caribou. While the company wanted to maintain the sentiment of the caribou, they do so much more than caribou analysis. The decision makers sought to expand their brand to represent more of their diverse disciplines. 

ABR old logo
ABR logo sketches.png
ABR sketches 2.jpg
ABR sketches3.png

Exploration + Process

Through a group strategy session, we determined several design goals for the rebrand:

  • The logo needed to incorporate Alaska, depth of experience, diversity of services, wildlife, science and research. 

  • The logo needed to be simple and modern, while also creative with thinking “outside the box.”

  • The logo needed to represent the mission of being environmentally and socially responsible. 

  • The logo needed to convey the company as part of the solution to the challenges of resource development, and should inspire collaboration and problem-solving to help clients make well-informed development decisions. 

  • The logo needed to instill confidence across both public and private sectors, and the adaptability to work toward the respective client’s needs. 

  • The logo needed to convey that the company is committed to an objective scientific voice.

  • And lastly, the logo will need to be versatile to work effectively on the website, printed goods, promotional items, signage, garments and vehicles.

We started with some rough preliminary sketches, and ended up evolving two concepts through several rounds of revisions. We explored different composition of artwork for the mark, as well as various typography pairings. 

Brianna-reagan-ABR-logo- monogram-concept
Brianna-reagan-ABR-logo- monogram-concept
Screen Shot 2023-04-08 at 7.49.00 AM.png
Screen Shot 2023-04-09 at 11.39_edited.j
Screen Shot 2023-04-09 at 11.45_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2023-04-09 at 11.42.10 AM.png

New Logo

As an employee-owned company, the final logo had to be approved by the company's Board of Directors – it was, unanimously. 


The updated visual identity reflects their depth of experience and diversity of services. It inspires collaboration and aligns to the company's objective scientific voice. 

The new logo is modern, bold, and timeless – it could last the company another 45 years.

ABR_full logo-color.png
business-cards final.jpg
backpack final.jpg
ABR bottle mockup.png
ABR-logo-Notebook mockup

Color + Type

The color palette selected introduces the brand into the modern era with bold and bright colors. "Out-of-the-box" colors for a traditional environmental company, it represents innovation. 


The palette was intentionally expanded into 10 colors to use in their field mapping processes.


The typography is traditional yet modern. Highly readable and practical, but relaxed and approachable. This is intended to instill confidence across both public and private sectors, and convey the company's adaptability to work toward their client's needs with an objective, scientific voice.

Creo Type.png
Poppins Type.png
"Working with Brianna has been a wonderful experience. Her thorough interview process and research into our company and its market position was eye-opening and helped us clarify and reinforce our mission, vision, values, and strategic plan as much as it helped us reinvigorate the logo we have used for over 20 years.

From the initial discussions to the final tweaks, she was flexible and responsive to our feedback, and she was patient as we developed consensus and guidance within our group. Thanks to her creativity and responsiveness, we have a bold new mark and monogram that represent ABR to the world."

Adrian Gall, PhD

President, ABR, Inc

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