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Image by Josh Olalde

Tuffy's Taphouse

As a new taphouse in town, Tuffy's wanted to make their mark on the building and their space. The owner wanted painted logos on the exterior to prominently showcase the taphouse, and something unique on the inside to showcase their 30 rotating taps from around the world. 


Interior Digital Mural

Exterior Logo Murals



Prominent logo murals that define the place, and a custom digital mural that defines the space. 


For the interior wall art, a few concepts were presented aiming to create a unique experience that imbued handcrafted worldly-ness.

Tuffy's Beers of the World-01.png

The selected concept evolved from the illustrated glasses of beer mapped out as a family tree into a large-scale diagram of beer styles of the world.

Through hours of research, the diagram was created in Adobe Illustrator, capturing a classic but throwback aesthetic.

Installation - Exterior

Tuffy's logos were printed locally as large-scale stencils. These were applied to the walls to ensure the logo was applied as accurately as possible.

Exterior latex paint was used for longevity.

Installation - Interior

To ensure a smooth surface, a floating wall was built and installed using French cleats.


The interior wall art was color-matched and printed on vinyl, and professionally installed on the floating wall.

The Outcome

The projects were completed efficiently, on time and on budget.


The exterior painted logos can be seen from one of the busiest roads in town, and the interior wall art helps define the taphouse as the only joint with globally imported beer on tap.

"Brianna came highly recommended and my experience with her was tremendous. On top of the professionalism, very defined creative process (that she’ll make easy and walk you through), and excellent communication throughout, Brianna offers incredible value for what she provides. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

Billy St. Pierre

Owner, Tuffy's Taphouse

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