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  • Brianna Reagan

5 reasons why packaging design matters:

For many businesses, packaging is an added cost. But let’s flip the script on that way of thinking: packaging is an opportunity.

Here’s why:

The purpose of product packaging is not just to protect the contents inside, but to also attract consumers. It speaks of your quality. It represents your brand. It shares your story.

Further, the very first interaction a customer has with your product is through packaging, whether they are shopping or browsing, online or in-store.

So yes, packaging your product is an opportunity to influence consumers to spend their hard-earned money on you.

Here are the 5 reasons why packaging design is your opportunity to make an outstanding first impression.

Establish Trust:
  • All packaging and labels need to convey valuable product information

  • Be honest and clear to help consumers determine which products to purchase based on their personal needs and desires

  • Reinforce your brand identity, which will likely form a positive perception of the brand.

  • Consumers will associate this trust with your other products as well.

Level Up the Competition:
  • Enticing product packaging will allow your product stand out among a wall of competitors

  • Great packaging might be the key differentiator between your and your competitors’ products.

  • Poor packaging might not be noticed, but great packaging fully enhances the consumer experience.

  • To keep your brand in people’s mind, your packaging has to be memorable.

Increase Revenue:
  • 30% of businesses report a revenue increase after improving product packaging

  • Attractive packaging creates a perception of value, which justifies the asking price.

  • Studies show that 72% of American consumers say that product packaging design influences purchase decisions — that’s a hefty majority that you might be ignoring.

Build Loyalty:
  • Graphics, images, and logos used on the packaging represent your brand and instill trust and credibility

  • In today’s social media age, many consumers share photos of products with unique and branded packaging

Instill Brand Values:
  • Every business has an environmental footprint, but it’s our duty to try to make this as minimal as possible

  • Paper-based packaging is generally thought to be more environmentally responsible

  • 67% of consumers prefer sustainable alternative materials over plastics, like paper, hemp, and cardboard.

I’m passionate about helping small businesses be successful. If you're ready to elevate your packaging, I'd love to work together.

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