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  • Brianna Reagan

What you get VS what goes into it.

Maybe you got a dose of stickershock when you inquired about a professional custom project (or packaging, or website, etc.). But you should know that you get so much more than a logo.

Yes, there are crowdsites out there that can give you a logo for $50. But good design solves a problem and/or tells a story. Those sites aren't doing that for you.

Yes, you might have a family member that knows Photoshop and offered to do you logo. But they wont be able to provide you a responsive logo suite that can be used across all platforms, from a tiny favicon and social media avatar all the way up to a billboard sign.

Developing a cohesive visual identity is an extensive process. You might not see all the experience behind it, but it’s the experience that guides the process, and makes it a smooth journey to your better self, and ultimately your better business.


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