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A metalsmith, telling Earth stories through metal and stones, needed a unique logo that would set her apart at local markets, that would create a connection with and curiosity for place, and be versatile for use on packaging, print goods, social media, and specifically as a maker's mark on metal.


Custom Logo

Visual Identity

Brand Style Guide

Logo Process

Through our discovery session, we discussed how she uses ethically sourced stones, and incorporates flora, maps, and nautical charts related in some way to the stones with an aim of connecting people to the landscape and the world around them. She tells stories through stones.

This goals/challenges for this logo were to:

+ represent hand-crafted one-of-a-kind jewelry incorporating ethically sourced stones from the PNW and Western US

+ inspire an appreciation of the story behind and the subtle details contained in each piece of jewelry

+ create a connection with and curiosity for place

+ convey authenticity of materials and story, and knowledge of craft

+ be versatile to work effectively on packaging materials, signs and banners, business cards, garments, vehicles, and social media and online, and specifically as a maker's mark to imprint on the metal.

Inspired by the rufous hummingbird, a migratory bird of the PNW and a symbol of connection, this logo features a hummingbird in the shape of the letter “t”, for the business name.

The concept is unique and the art is 100% original. 

MOOD BOARD-Terrastoria.001.jpeg
Gift Box copy.jpg

Outcome + Wins

"When I debuted the logo at my market in July, it really resonated with people. They loved the story of "little t" and how it connected to my work. I felt like people were better able to understand what I do in the context of the branding. It's such a positive change from have a logo and brand name that don't match my work."

Britta Culbertson

Owner, Metalsmith, Terrastoria

Color + Type

The brand colors embrace the rich colors of the earth.


The main typography is classic and traditional, with notes of modernism. 

Galeana Font.png
Mr Eaves Font.png
Glacial Indifference Font.png

Brand Style Guide

The brand style guide establishes how to use the new logo and visual identity. It defines each of the logo variations and explains their best usage, as well as listing the brand colors of the palette and the typography. Together, all of this helps the new visual identity be used and applied cohesively, to strengthen brand consistency and ultimately brand awareness. 

Brand Style Guide-mockup.jpg
"Brianna did an amazing job bringing her voice to the project without overshadowing my needs and tastes. I felt like she really listened to what I had to say and balanced my feedback with her artistic considerations–that made it a true partnership.

In the final stages, Brianna worked with me to fine tune the logo mark and typeface, and I appreciated her working with me to get those final tweaks just right. I had been waiting for so long to find the right person to do my branding and I'm so glad I found Brianna.

I'm thrilled with the final product and feel more inspired and confident in my own artistic efforts now that I have a brand that resonates with my craft and my audience."

Britta Culbertson

Owner, Metalsmith, Terrastoria

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