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Brown Jug:
Mountain Blueberry Canned Cocktail

Brown Jug collaborated with Denali Spirits to develop the recipe for this bright and beautiful, summery canned cocktail, and then needed custom artwork for the label.


Digital Illustration

Label Design



Custom label design for a limited edition
canned cocktail

Brown Jug 4.jpg
Brown Jug 2.jpg

Brown Jug wanted "beautifully eerie" artwork with a touch of Alaska. The artwork needed to stand out from other canned cocktails to make the greatest impact, and appeal to both men and women. I presented three preliminary concepts in sketch format.

Brown Jug 3.jpg

After selecting the dall sheep concept, they requested the horns be solid, not spiral-cut as originally sketched, but to incorporate the blueberries in another way. I presented a round of concepts with "carved" horns, "blue china" horns, and "glowing" horns. 

Brown Jug-carved.jpg
Brown Jug-carved-glow.jpg
Brown Jug-blue china.jpg

The approved concept was refined into a solid sketch, which was presented for any further revisions before moving forward. When approved, it was blocked out into outlines. All this was completed digitally on an iPad with an Apple Pencil. 

Brown Jug-sketch.jpg
Brown Jug-outlines .jpg
The Outcome

The artwork was completed in full color in a variety of styles and formats for versatile printing and merchandising. From the can labels, to garments, Brown Jug had full rights to all their custom art. 

Brown Jug - full color skull.jpg
Brown Jug-fullcolor.jpg
"We love it. The coolest drink can we've ever produced and was worth every penny. 🙌 10/10 would collab again!"

Bruce Abbott

Regional Manager, Brown Jug

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