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ConnectION QuestIONs

A local mom created a tool geared toward the busy parent, grandparent or caregiver who aims to connect / re-connect with their kid(s), and needed design support and professional guidance.



Playing Card Design

Packaging Design


A high-quality product that invited web sales, in-person market sales, and wholesale stockists.


We started with the list of questions created by the client, and the vision of this tool:


"Imagine how ions are unstable when alone. They are charged particles, starved for connection. When they become connected to one another, they form a stable bond, a compound."


A circular card was chosen and designed to relate to atoms and ions motif of the tool. The circle is also a shape of wholesome connection. Together, we researched print vendors until we found one that could print circular cards.

I recommended that the questions be sorted into separate categories for a meaningful and equitable deck of cards. 

A logo was created, inspired by atom iconography, and visually connecting "connectION with questIONs" to imbue the connection a family can create through this tool.

Color + Type

A fun, bright, upbeat color palette was selected to make it kid-friendly, without being boring "primary colors".


A slab font was chosen for that academic/scholarly look and feel, and to portray that the development of  this tool is "science-based" and rooted in research. 


The questions cards were designed with a lighter colored background and layers of minimal graphics, which allows the question to be legible. Each question was created as separate card, incorporating a different color based on the theme of the question.

Patterns were developed, playing with the circles + atoms motif, and bringing in the fun, youthful colors. The patterns were applied to the question card backgrounds as well as the back of the cards.

connectION_Top Design.jpg
The Outcome

A high quality printed and packaged product.


The creator was able to build a branded e-commerce site on BigCartel, showcase her product as a vendor at her first in-person markets, and even picked up a wholesale stockist to sell her item.

"Brianna was creative, efficient, and adapted easily to my last minute requests and changes I had to make to ensure the success of my project. I am so grateful for her sharing her experience, expertise, and creativity for me to be able to finish my project to launch my product!"

Kim Dugas

Creator, ConnectION QuestIONs

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